SCL at International Masterclasses 2017

The 13th International Particle Physics Masterclasses in Serbia are organized by Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac, in conjunction with the International Particle Physics Outreach Group.
The aim of these events is to introduce an exciting and rapidly developing scientific field dealing with some of the fundamental secrets of the nature to the 4th year high school students. The lectures are given by active researchers and professors and they provide insight into topics and methods of basic research of matter, particles and forces acting between them. Students are also given opportunity to perform exercises with the real data from particle physics experiments performed at CERN, Geneva.
SCL’s Vladimir Loncar and Vladimir Slavnic participated in Masterclasses events at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad on 4 March 2017, and at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade on 6 March 2017, where they gave talks about Grid and HPC Computing, their applications in particle physics and about available Serbian Grid and HPC resources.

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