SCL at National High School Physics Competition 2017

The 55th National High School Physics Competition took place in Kladovo from 24 to 26 March 2017. The hosts were Grammar School “Sveti Sava” and Elementary School “Vuk Karadžic”.

More than 350 contestants from all parts of Serbia took part in the competition. For the majority of them, this competition was the most important stage and at the same time the end of this year's competition cycle. On the basis of the achieved results, the best final year students were selected for the participation in the Serbian Physics Olympiad, which will be held in the end of April.

SCL members were actively involved this year in the organization of all levels of high school physics competitions in Serbia. Vladimir Veljic was the author of problems for 3rd grade, whereas Nenad Vukmirović and Veljko Janković were the authors of problems for 4th grade which were reviewed by Antun Balaž. Vladimir Veljić, Antun Balaž, Nenad Vukmirović, Veljko Janković, Ana Hudomal, Miljan Dašić and Milan Kornjača were marking the tests at the National competition. On their way back, they admired the beauties of the Đerdap gorge and visited the archaeological site Lepenski vir.
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