SCL at Bioinformatics Seminar, Faculty of Mathematics

On Wednesday, 8 May 2019 at 12:00 at the Faculty of Mathematics (University of Belgrade) in room 718, SCL‘s Marija Mitrović-Dankulov will give a talk entitled

Quantifying randomness in real biological complex networks

The abstract of the talk:

Biological systems can be represented as complex networks, where network nodes represent units of the system, while links represent interactions between them. These networks are neither of regular or random structure, but rather an intricate combination of order and disorder. Scientists have developed a large set of different topological measures for characterization and description of different structural properties of real networks. It turns out that these statistical measures are not independent, i.e., many properties appear as a statistical consequence of a relatively small number of fixed topological properties in a real network. We explore this dependence in two different biological networks, protein-protein interaction and brain network, using the method of dk-series. We find that many important local and global topological properties of protein-protein interaction network are closely reproduced by dk-random graphs whose degree distributions, degree-degree correlations, and clustering are the same as in original real network, while this is only in part true for human brain network. These differences are a consequence of different spacial constraints present during the evolution of these brain networks.