SCL at SEE-GRID events in Athens

During the week between 20 and 23 May 2008, SCL's Aleksandar Belic and Antun Balaz participated in the Final Review of the SEE-GRID-2 project and Kick-off meeting of the SEE-GRID-SCI project, held in Athens, Greece. At the SEE-GRID-2 review they participated in presentations of main achievements of this successfully finished project, with the emphasis on sustainability and national Grid initiatives (WP2), Grid operations (WP3), and gridification of applications (WP4). EU reviewers were impressed by the overall results of the project and assessed it to be excellently managed by GRNET and carried out by partners from all SEE countries.

The third phase of SEE-GRID series of projects (SEE-GRID-SCI) officially started on 1 May 2008 and was launched at the Kick-off meeting held on 22-23 May. The meeting was attended by all partners in the project, including two new countries (Georgia and Armenia). Apart from SCL's representatives, Serbia delegation included also University of Belgrade Computer Centre's Zoran Jovanovic and Branko Marovic. The meeting covered all activities to be carried out by the project, and Serbian representatives presented plans for SA1 (Grid operations) and JRA1 (development of user-level tools) activities.

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