SEE-GRID Training of Meteorologists

Two day training of meteorologists from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina on SEE-GRID infrastructure, services, and grid usage and programming held on School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade on June 24-25 under SEE-GRID-SCI project. Institutions that take part:

- South Environment and Weather Agency, Serbia
- Republic Hydrometeorogical Institute, Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro
- Research and Development Center for Bioengineering, Kragujevac, Serbia
- Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia
- RCUB, Belgrade, Serbia


National and regional Grid infrastructure and services, Antun Balaz (60 min)
Obtaining and using grid certificates, Branko Marovic, Dusan Radovanovic (25 min)
Job submission and management using WMProxy with demonstration, Branko Marovic (25 min)
Introduction to parallel computing with MPI overview, Milos Ivanovic (45 min)
Application gridification, Branko Marovic (45 min)

Grid programming basics, Branko Marovic (45 min)
Hands-on: Job submission, Antun Balaz (40 min)
gLite Data Services and Data Management, Branko Marovic (45 min)
Hands-on: Data management, Antun Balaz (40 min)
Hands-on: Compiling MPI codes with PGI, Dusan Vudragovic (40 min)

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