Maciej Remiszewski from IBM Poland in SCL

As a part of SCL's activities within the Serbian national supercomputing initiative, in collaboration with IBM Serbia Jelena Vukajlovic, we organized a visit to SCL by Maciej Remiszewski from IBM Poland. During the first day of his visit, he presented the new Cell CPU programming paradigm, the ways to efficiently implement inter-processor communication, scientific numerical libraries and compilers deployed for this type of processors, effective use of memory, as well as an overview of IBM POWER6 Systems. The second day was dedicated to discussion on porting of scientific applications to Cell processors. In particular, we discussed the possibilities for porting of SCL's Monte Carlo based simulations, simulations of granular material, molecular dynamics simulations, quantum and classical many body dynamic simulations, and CERN's LHC particle physics simulations to Cell processors.

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