The fourth SEE-GRID-SCI Project Steering Committee meeting has been organized by the Institute for Parallel Processing of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IPP-BAS) in Sofia, Bulgaria from May 06, 2009 to May 08, 2009. Technical Execution plan – opening and closing presentations – were given by Ioannis Liabotis, laying out the main goals of the meeting, summarizing goals and assessing progress per activity, as well as main future action points. The most of project activity presentations were given as for the upcoming first periodic project review, to be held in Athens on May 28, 2009. Second day of the meeting was dedicated to the Environmental Virtual Organization workshop that brought together scientists from this field from Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Albania and Hungary. The researchers presented the results of their work, as well as activities related to the gridification of their high performance simulations and extensive use of Grid resources. The SCL team was led by Dusan Vudragovic, who presented Grid operations (SA1) activity progress and main results on behalf of SA1 activity leader Antun Balaz. SCL's Vladimir Slavnic also participated in this meeting.

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