SCL on TV Pancevo

Sunday, May 24 2009 TV Pancevo presented a live hour-long evening show featuring SCL's Aleksandar Bogojevic as guest. The main topics covered were how to motivate young people for a career in science, what scientific computing is all about, and how to turn brain drain into brain gain.

In discussing the entertainment value of modern science Prof. Bogojevic calculated his hosts "Bacon number" to be BN=3. "Bacon number" is a measure of distance of an actor to Kevin Bacon, the nominal "center" of the network of all actors. Kevin Bacon has BN=0, actors that have co-stared with him in a movie have BN=1, actors that have co-stared with someone who has co-stare with Bacon have BN=2, etc. Complex networks like the network of all actors are investigated in modern physics not just for their entertainment value, but in order to understand a host of important real world problems like the propagation of diseases, correlation of voting preferences, information transfer along the internet, networks of influence in biochemical processes, etc.