Planets in Harmony

SCL's Aleksandar Bogojevic gave a popular science talk at the Belgrade Library presenting the project "Beograd je sistem" (Belgrade is a system) which seeks to build a scale model of the solar system in Belgrade, and tie it into the everyday life, rhythm and history of the city. The locations of the planets are to become focal points for presenting the arts, sciences and human creativity in general to the wider public.

"Beograd je sistem" is one of the activities undertaken in Serbia during 2009, the year designated by UNESCO as the International Year of Astronomy. IYA honors the 400 anniversary of Galileo's great astronomical discoveries. An overview of the IYA projects and initiatives underway in Serbia was given by Nikola Bozic, national IYA coordinator.

Prof. Bogojevic's talk was given at the start of the month-long exhibition of the cosmos-inspired art of Milica Zivadinovic in the library's Artium Gallery. The exhibition is part of the "Cosmic Harmony" project that the artist organized in conjunction with the Scientific Computing Laboratory. "Cosmic Harmony" is funded in part by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

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