Hamid Al-Jibbouri visits SCL

Hamid Al-Jibbouri, PhD student of physics from the Free University of Berlin, visited SCL from 19 June to 1 July 2011. The visit was organized within the activities of the bilateral project NAD-BEC. Hamid is working on his PhD thesis under supervision of Dr. Axel Pelster, and this visit has focused on the ongoing study of geometric resonances in Bose-Einstein condensates. Extending previous joint work on parametric resonances done in collaboration with his his supervisor and his SCL hosts Ivana Vidanovic and Dr. Antun Balaz, during the 2-week stay Hamid has worked on variational description of BEC systems with 2-body and 3-body interactions, as well as on numerical study of geometric resonances in such systems.

On 21 June, at the beginning of his visit to SCL, Hamid gave a seminar on "Parametric and Geometric Resonances in Bose-Einstein Condensates", summarizing the results obtained so far and plans for the research to be done during his stay in Belgrade.


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