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Darko Tanaskovic
Research Professor
PhD 2005, Florida State University
darko [dot] tanaskovic [at] scl [dot] rs

Solid State Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, 2017/18

Teaching Assistants: Srdjan Stavric (exercises), Dragutin Jovkovic (laboratory)

1. The Oxford Solid State Basics by S. Simon.
Other literature:
1. Solid State Physics, N.W. Ashcroft and N. D. Mermin.
2. Introduction to Solid State Physics, David M. Broun, lecture notes SFU.
3  Magnetism in Condensed Matter, S. Blundell
4. Solid State Theory, Manfred Sigrist, lecture notes ETH.

Oral exam questions.

Lecture notes (handwritten).

1. Drude theory of metals (Simon Ch. 3; AM Ch. 1). Homework 1
2. Sommerfeld theory (Simon Ch. 4; AM Ch. 2). Homework 2
3. Crystal lattice and X-ray diffraction (Simon Ch. 12,13,14; AM Ch. 4,5,6,7). Homework 3
4. Bloch theorem and electrons in weak periodic potential (Simon Ch. 15,16; AM Ch. 8,9). Homework 4
5. Tight binding method (Simon Ch. 11; AM Ch. 10). Homework 5
6. Chemical bonding (Simon Ch. 6). Homework 6
7. Semiclassical dynamics. Landau levels. (AM Ch. 12,14; Broun Ch 17,18) Electrons and holes, semiconductors, physics of p-n junction (Simon Ch. 16, 17,18).
8. Hartree-Fock theory, jellium model and screening (AM Ch. 17; Broun Ch 7,8). Homework 7
9. Density functional theory. (Broun Ch. 15) Homework 8
10. Einstein and Debye calculation of specific heat. Lattice vibrations. (Simon Ch. 2,8,9,10) Homework9
11. Magnetic moments, Curie and Pauli paramagnetism, Larmor diamagnetism. Local moments in solids. (Simon Ch. 19)
12. Exchange interaction. Ferromagnetisam and antiferromagnetism. Mean field theory. Stoner criterion. Magnetic domains and hysteresis. (Simon Ch. 20,21,22,23) Homework 10