SCL Seminar by Nils Wentzell

SCL seminar of the Center for the Study of Complex Systems, will be held on Monday, 9 July 2018 at 14:00 in the library reading room “Dr. Dragan Popović" of the Institute of Physics Belgrade. The talk entitled

"Containerization in modern scientific applications"

will be given by Dr. Nils Wentzell (Institute for Theoretical Physics - IPhT, CEA Saclay, France).

Abstract of the talk:

Scientific algorithms for the solution of the correlated many-body problem and beyond are rapidly growing in complexity. This development shows also in their respective numerical implementations, leading to growing number of library dependencies, toolchain dependencies and further interdependencies with other scientific applications. This often makes a proper setup on workstations, but in particular on high-performance cluster machines, an ambitious and sometimes insurmountable task. In this talk, we will give a practical introduction into modern containerization tools, in particular Docker and Singularity, which aim to overcome these issues. As an example application, we will consider the TRIQS library, a Toolbox for Research on Interacting Quantum Systems.

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