SCL's researchers get their book published by Cambridge University Press

SCL's researchers Nenad Vukmirović and Vladimir Veljić recently published a book entitled

Fascinating Problems for Young Physicists:
Discovering Everyday Physics Phenomena and Solving Them.

This book, published by Cambridge University Press, aims to clear the boundaries of seemingly abstract physical laws and their tangible effects through a step-by-step approach to physics in the world around us. It consists of 42 problems with detailed solutions, each describing a specific, interesting physical phenomenon. Each problem is further divided into questions designed to guide the reader through, encouraging engagement with and learning of the physics behind the phenomenon. By solving the problems, the reader will be able to discover, for example, what the relation between the mass of an animal and its expected lifetime is, or what the efficiency limit of wind turbines is. Intended for first year undergraduate students and interested high school students, this book develops enquiry-based scientific practice and enables students to acquire the necessary skills for applying the laws of physics to realistic situations.