Mateja Jovanović Defended his MSc Thesis

SCL trainee Mateja Jovanović successfully defended his MSc thesis at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, on Friday 22 September 2023 at 18:00 at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade. The thesis entitled

The simulations of structural, thermodynamical, and mechanical characteristics of the mixture of ionic liquid and water using molecular dynamics: example of [bmim]+[PF6]- ionic liquid

was done under supervision of Dr. Miljan Dašić. The members of the thesis defense committee were:
Dr. Sunčica Elezović-Hadžić (Professor, Faculty of Physics),
Dr. Miljan Dašić ( Assistant Research Professor, Institute of Physics Belgrade), and
Dr. Svetislav Mijatović (Аssistant Professor, Faculty of Physics).

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