AEGIS Executive Board Meeting at SCL

At the AEGIS inauguration meeting the AEGIS Assembly elected its Executive Board. The Board meets two times a year (or more often if needed). The November 2005 meeting was the first such meeting.

The meeting was held from 10:00 to 12:00 on November 2, 2005 at the Scientific Computing Laboratory of the Institute of Physics in Belgrade.

The AEGIS Executive Board discussed the folllowing topics:
  • Coordination of future AEGIS training activities in Serbia and West Balkan region.
  • Organization of a training event in Nis (Faculty of Electronic Engineering), and the setting up of the first SEE-GRID and AEGIS site in Nis (AEGIS03-ELEF-LEDA). The event is scheduled to be held at the start of 2006.
  • Coordination and exchange of information regarding the participation of Serbian institutions in SEE-GRID-2.
  • Information on the results of the EU Centers of Excellence call for the West Balkans region – the Scientific Computing Laboratory gets the top score among the region's RTD centers with its Grid-related proposal CX-CMCS (Computer Modeling of Complex Systems using Grid Infrastructure).