Teacher outreach at CERN

The first CERN outreach program for physics teachers from Serbia was held in CERN, Geneve in the last week of October 2009. The Serbian Physical Society used this opportunity to invite a group of teachers from Montenegro to also take part in the program. The extensive week-long outreach activities included lectures, review sessions, visits to principle experimental facilities at CERN, and hands-on exercises. Lectures were given in Serbian and English.

SCL's Aleksandar Bogojevic gave a lecture on the Grid computing paradigm as the informational backbone behind the LHC and its detectors. He presented Europe's two flagship projects in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) - EGEE (Grid computing) and PRACE (dedicated supercomputing) - aiming to secure for Europe a leadership role in global HPC. Bogojevic also illustrated how order of magnitude estimates can be used to assess the key features of complex systems and emerging technologies.

A list of the outreach activities can be found on CERN's conference database: