CERN in Dimitrovgrad

SCL's Dusan Vudragovic participated in the high-energy physics exhibition and popularization event held at the "Kirilo i Metodije" high school in Dimitrovgrad, Serbia on 28 November 2009. The event was co-organized by the CMS group of the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as a part of activities celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bulgarian research collaboration and membership at CERN. Numerous high-school students and teachers from Dimitrovgrad and Pirot, as well as several professors from the University of Nis participated in the exhibition and public lectures, which presented current CERN activities, and in particular Bulgarian and Serbian contributions to the high-energy research.

Colleagues from INRNE (Prof. Dr Vladimir Gencev, Prof. Dr Angel Angelov, and Prof. Dr Bojko Vacev) presented Bulgarian activities related to the CMS experiment, while the talks on Serbian high-energy physics research presented both CMS and ATLAS experiment activities. Dr. Dimitrije Maletic from Vinca Institute for Nuclear Sciences has given an overview of the CMS experiment and Serbian contribution to its construction, operation, as well as ongoing and planned research. The activities of Serbian ATLAS group and country's contribution to the ATLAS experiment were presented by SCL's Dusan Vudragovic.

In another lecture, he presented third pillar of Serbian contribution to CERN activities, related to Grid computing, developed to provide distributed computing and data storage resources for processing of LHC data. This lecture also presented development, structure and status of Serbian National Grid Infrastructure AEGIS, which is actively used for numerical simulations of particle collisions at CERN detectors, and participates in the pan-European EGEE infrastructure, as well as in the regional SEE-GRID-SCI infrastructure. As a national infrastructure, AEGIS is open to all Serbian researcher, providing computing and data storage resources to research projects involving large-scale numerical simulations.

Serbian activities at CERN [PDF] [PPT]

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