A. Balaz visits FU Berlin

SCL's Antun Balaz visited Free University of Berlin from 14 to 21 March 2010, as a part of activities of the PI-BEC research project. The discussions with the host Axel Pelster focused on the ongoing work on the improved Hartree-Fock-based analytical and numerical approximation schemes for the description of the Bose-Einstein condensation phase transition. In particular, applications to systems with dipolar interaction were considered. The work on the dynamics of quantum quenching of ultra-cold quantum gases was discussed with Oliver Gabel.

During the visit Antun Balaz was invited by Jens Eisert (WiKo and Potsdam University) to give a talk at the QQQ meeting, held on 19 March 2010 at the Institute for Advanced Study Berlin (WiKo). The talk entitled Path Integrals Without Integrals was given in a session on Quantum Fields, and has reviewed effective action approach and its main applications.