Easter Grid Site

While SEE-GRID-SCI project rapidly approaches its end, operational developments are going a little bit faster than usual and the community is giving its best effort to accomplish as much as possible within the framework of the project. As an important example, we emphasize the initiative of Georgian SEE-GRID-SCI colleagues for new Grid site installation, new core services deployment, and establishment of Georgian Grid Certification Authority. As numerous times until now, such a spirit is recognized and supported by the SEE-GRID-SCI community. In order to provide support to Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association (GRENA) and High Energy Physics Institute (HEPI) Grid operation teams and users, a two-day training on 1 and 2 April 2010 was organized in Tbilisi jointly by project's NA3 and SA1 activity leaders. The training sessions were given by Miklos Kozlovszky, Antun Balaz, Dusan Vudragovic and Armenian Grid team led by Hrachya Astsatryan.

Numerous presentations and hands-on sessions on Grid operations, deployment and maintenance are given in only two days. Even though this might seem too much, this Grid overdose was interrupted with a lot of questions, which certainly had convinced us that presented material was well understood. Detailed agenda and presented material (available at the SEE-GRID-SCI Training Portal), resulted in a new SEE-GRID-SCI Grid site installation (GE-02-HEPI) at HEPI and a set of new core services configured at GRENA site (GE-01-GRENA).

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