EGEE Grid training at MI SANU

Following installation of the new AEGIS Grid site at the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, a one day user-oriented hands-on training event was organized by SCL's Grid training team. It was held at the premises of MI SANU on 9 April 2010. The audience was composed of researchers from MI SANU and Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade, interested in using Grid computing. The aim of the training was to provide all necessary information to new AEGIS user community for successful usage of the Grid infrastructure.

Various topics including User Interface account setup, job submission, data management and information services were presented to users through the series of hands-on examples. Users had the opportunity to try and learn how to obtain and use Grid certificates, how to manage data in the framework of the gLite-based Grid infrastructure and how to create, submit and control all types of gLite jobs: simple jobs, collections, parametric, DAG and MPI jobs. In addition, the participants were also familiarized with the EGEE III, SEE-GRID-SCI and projects, national AEGIS Grid Initiative and gLite services architecture.


Further information are available on IPB Wiki together with the training photo gallery.

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