NAD-BEC bilateral project with Germany approved

A new SCL's two-year bilateral research project Numerical and Analytical Investigation of Ultracold Bose Gases in Disordered Potentials (NAD-BEC) has been just approved by the Serbian Ministry of Science and German DAAD agency for the period 2011-2012. This project will provide support to the ongoing collaboration established between SCL's group led by Dr. Antun Balaz, and a research group of Dr. Axel Pelster from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

In this project we will address the highly relevant problem of ultracold Bose systems in the presence of weak and strong disorder. It is well known that the introduction of a stochastically disordered component of the trapping potential can lead to three different phases: the expected gas and superfluid phase, and a novel Bose-glass phase. The latter two appear due to a macroscopic occupation of the ground state, which leads to a global Bose-Einstein condensate in the case of the superfluid phase and to a set of local Bose-Einstein condensates in the minima of the disorder potential in the case of the Bose-glass phase.

During the two-year period we plan to apply analytic and numeric approaches to study the above mentioned physical systems. We will exchange PhD students between the two groups, as a driving forrce in the proposed research.