SCL at 4th HPC and Grid Workshop in Iran

As an invited lecturer, SCL's Vladimir Slavnic visited Tehran, Iran from 13 to 19 December 2011, where he participated in the 4th Workshop on High Performance and Grid Computing, held at the Institute of Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM). Through morning lectures and afternoon hands-on sessions, this workshop covered various topics and concepts of Grid and High Performance Computing.

Vladimir Slavnic lectured on e-Science and Grid computational infrastructures, introduced Grid projects (EGI-InSPIRE) and middlewares, as well as gLite specific topics such as security, virtual organizations concept, information system, workload and data management. Together with IPM colleagues, Vladimir Slavnic held a series of hands-on sessions where participants had an opportunity to submit jobs and use storage resources of Iranian Grid resource centers.

In addition to lectures and hands-on sessions, Vladimir also worked together with Iranian colleagues on establishing new Grid services and making them available to researchers.

Beside Grid computing, the workshop also covered various other topics, such as advanced Linux usage, distributed and shared memory programming techniques with MPI and OpenMP examples, testing and benchmarking, financial risk calculation (Map/Reduce programming metaphor), etc.

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