SCL at DPG12

SCL's Igor Stankovic and Nenad Vukmirovic took part in the 2012 DPG Spring Meeting held from 25 to 30 March 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The meeting covered the Condensed Matter Section of the German Physical Society.

Igor Stankovic presented the talk "Study of transistor performance of carbon nanotube networks", by Milan Zezelj, Igor Stankovic and Aleksandar Belic in the DY2 session "Statistical Physics (general)" of the Dynamics and Statistical Physics Division and the poster "Structure of complex networks for minimizing traffic congestion and cost", by Jelena Smiljanic and Igor Stankovic in the DY29 poster session of the same division.

Nenad Vukmirovic presented the talk "Multiscale simulations of the density of states, DC and terahertz mobility of charge carriers in disordered conjugated polymers" in the HL99 session "Organic Semiconductors: Transport" of the Semiconductor Physics Division.