SCL at PRACE-1IP WP9 Workshop

SCL's Antun Balaz and Vladimir Slavnic participated in the Future Technologies Workshop held from 11 to 13 April 2012 in Daresbury, United Kingdom. This event was organized by STFC within PRACE-1IP Work Package 9 activities.

The workshop included presentations from PRACE WP9 members on the latest progress on work for WP9 tasks, and presentations from external speakers on technology developments key to the delivery of HPC systems in 2014 and beyond. Various topics were covered such as: new programming languages and models, system software, middleware and programming environments, green HPC (energy efficiency, cooling), processor architectures (CPU, GPU) and interconnect technologies.

More details on the workshop can be found here. Technical digest of the workshop is available at

  • prace-1ip-wp9-workshop