agINFRA 2nd Project Meeting

SCL's Dusan Vudragovic and Vladimir Slavnic, together with Viktor Nedovic and Ivana Spasojevic from University of Belgrade Faculty of Agriculture, participated in the 2nd agINFRA project meeting, held from 24 to 26 April 2012 at the University of Alcala, Spain. Besides the progress reports for project workpackages and planning for the next 6 months, this meeting included several demonstrations of the agINFRA infrastructure usage, aiming to provide participants with the clear image on how the existing agricultural services will be integrated into the common infrastructure. Dusan Vudragovic presented overview of the infrastructure available for the project, as gave general introduction to Grids, Cloud computing, and role of Research Infrastructures in modern science. As the output of technical sessions of the meeting, a prototyping activity is proposed. A number of infrastructure services are identified as most prominent, and selected for the prototyping activity (keyphrase extractor, harvester module, and data transformation module). In the first phase, these prototypes will be ported to the Grid and parallelized, while the second phase will implement the corresponding web services that will be used from within integrated services. The next project meeting is scheduled for the first week of October in Belgrade.