SCL seminar by Jelena Smiljanic

SCL's Jelena Smiljanic presented a seminar "Efficient routing in small complex networks without buffers".


We are exploring strategies for the reduction of the congestion in the complex networks. The nodes without buffers are considered, so, if the congestion occurs, the information packets will be dropped. The focus is on the efficient routing. The routing strategies are compared using two generic models, i.e., Barabàsi–Albert scale-free network and scale-free network on lattice, and the academic router networks of the Netherlands and France. We propose a dynamic deflection routing algorithm which automatically extends path of the packet before it arrives at congested node. The simulation results indicate
that the dynamic routing strategy can further reduce the number of dropped packets in a combination with the efficient path routing proposed by Yan et al. [Phys. Rev. E 73 (2006) 046108].