SCL Seminar by Anina Sarkic

Anina Sarkic from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University Of Belgrade presentet a seminar talk entitled:

"Prediction of Wind Loads on Structures by Computational Fluid Dynamics"

The assessment of the wind forces acting on the architectural structures is in some cases indispensable in the design stage. Usual practice is the use of specific wind tunnel experiments. The wind loading is a result of the pressure distribution around the structure. The pressure fluctuations are determined by the surrounding flow field, which depends on the shape of the structure and its surrounding. Recently Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) numerical techniques are becoming a complementary tool to experimental results from the wind tunnel. In this talk, we will first introduce numerical modeling of the turbulence, and provide overview of different simulation approaches with their basic equations and corresponding simplifications. These simplifications lead to the introduction of models for the turbulence. Afterwards, we will present the solution algorithm of corresponding equations by means of Finite Volume Method, the most common approach in CFD. We will focus on the discretization in space and time and provide an overview of used numerical approximations. At the end, we will present some application examples which include also validation with wind tunnel tests.