SCL Seminar by Tijana Marinkovic

On Aprili 11, at 14:00, in the library of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, Tijana Marinkovic (VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland) presents a seminar talk entitled:
"Mathematical modelling in systems and computational biology"

Systems and computational biology are more and more applied in biomedicine. 

Systems biology has interdisciplinary approach that allows understanding of dynamical processes in biological systems. Computational biology includes application of data analytical methods as well as mathematical modelling and computer simulations in studying biological systems. Both systems and computational biology are connected with applied mathematics, statistics, biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics etc. 

The focus of this talk will be on mathematical modelling in biological systems. Mathematical methods applied in this modelling will be explained.  

Particular attention will be dedicated to metabolic modelling (constraint-based modelling) that becomes popular in computational biology. Metabolic models make use of mathematical methods for analysing metabolic pathways, from the point of view of the whole metabolic network. 

A model that explains interaction between metabolism and immune system in early stages of diabetes 1 will be also presented (T Marinković et al., PLOS One, 2012)