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Mihailo Cubrović
Assistant Research Professor
PhD 2013, Leiden University
mihailo [dot] cubrovic [at] scl [dot] rs

Research interests:

Problems at the interface of strongly correlated systems and high-energy theory, studying critical and non-equilibrium behavior in various systems with help of ideas from field- and string theory, in particular:
  • AdS/CFT correspondence and dual gravity description of strongly coupled field theories
  • non-Fermi liquids and quantum-critical electrons, search for novel phases of matter
  • confinement/deconfinement transition in many-body systems, in particular heavy-fermion materials and Quantum Hall systems
  • description of thermalization and equilibration through thermo-field dynamics; critical  behavior in thermalization
  • vortices, solitons and topology in nonlinear optics and analogies with condensed-matter systems
Selected Publications: