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Antun Balaž
Research Professor
Head of SCL, Deputy Director of IPB
PhD 2008, University of Belgrade
antun [dot] balaz [at] scl [dot] rs

The main research interests of Antun Balaz are related to the functional formalism in quantum theory and its application to studies of ultra-cold quantum gases, including the phenomenon of Bose-Einstein condensation and effects of interaction and disorder. In his research, he makes extensive use of numerical methods such as path integral Monte Carlo and exact diagonalization. Together with his collaborators, Antun Balaz has recently developed a systematic procedure for obtaining series of effective actions that speed-up the convergence of discretized path integrals to their continuum limits. These effective actions are ideally suited for numerical studies of quantum gases at low temperatures.

Grid and High Performance Computing
Through a series of regional and pan-European Grid projects, Serbia became a part of a worldwide development of a new paradigm in computing - Grids. Antun Balaz coordinates SCL's involvement in European Grid Initiative and acts as a technical manager of Serbia's National Grid Initiative AEGIS. Parallel to this, he also coordinates SCL's work in the high performance computing arena, through the regional HP-SEE project and European supercomuting initiative PRACE.

Selected Publications