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Danica Stojiljković
Assistant Research Professor
PhD 2022, University of Belgrade
danica [dot] stojiljkovic [at] scl [dot] rs
  • Born in Kruševac, Serbia, 1981.
  • BSc Physics, October 2005, University of Belgrade
  • Graduate student at SCL since November 2005
  • Fellowship of Serbian Ministry of Science (2006)
  • Thesis advisor: Slobodan Vrhovac
  • Employed at IPB since January 2007
Research interests:
Implementation of an optimal Metropolis algorithm to path integral Monte Carlo calculations and incorporation of this in the speeded up PIMC procedure developed at SCL. Grid approach to PIMC calculations. Development of graphical applications (in Python) that facilitate the use of SCL software and make possible the visualization of obtained results.

Selected Publications: