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Aleksandar Bogojević
Research Professor
Director of IPB
PhD 1989, Brown University
aleksandar [dot] bogojevic [at] scl [dot] rs

Born June 2, 1960 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Married with two children

E-mail: alex [at] scl [dot] rs

Education and Professional Positions

1978-1983 University of Belgrade, BSc Physics 1983
1983-1985 Columbia University, MSc Physics 1985
1985-1989 Brown University, PhD Physics 1989
1989-1991 Niels Bohr Institute, Postdoctoral Fellow
1991-2006 Institute of Physics, Assistant Research Professor
2006-2012 Institute of Physics, Associate Research Professor
2012- Institute of Physics, Research Professor
2000-2001 Institute of New Technologies, Director
2001-2005 Education Forum, Executive Director

Research Interests
  • Quantum field theory, string theory;
  • Gravitation and cosmology;
  • Increasing the efficiency of path integral calculations
  • Modeling and numerical simulations of the formation of planetary systems.
Education Interests
  • Science education and the popularization of science;
  • Analysis and optimization of education systems;
  • Relation between private and public sectors of education.

1988-1989 Brown University, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
1991- Petnica Science Center, Guest lectures in physics and astronomy
1992-1993 Mathematics High School, Belgrade,
Developed and presented an advanced course in physics and astronomy for high school seniors
1994-2007 University of Belgrade, Quantum Field Theory 2 (functional formalism)
1996-1998 University of Belgrade, Quantum Field Theory 1 (canonical formalism)

  • More than 50 research papers in physics journals;
  • Textbooks: "Lectures in Quantum Field Theory", IPB 1997; "Quantum Field Theory I (in Serbian), IPB 1998.
  • "Its Good to be Bombed in Springtime", a collection of essays documenting the 1999 NATO bombings of Yugoslavia (separately published in Mother Jones Wired);
  • "Optimization of the Network of Schools in Serbia", UNICEF 2002;
  • "Standards of Quality of School Textbooks", Education Forum 2005;
  • Several dozen popular science essays.
Other Activities

1991-1996 Organizer, Danube Workshop meetings in High Energy Physics
1993- Member, Petnica Science Center Committee for Physics
1997-2000 Coordinator, Institute of Physics Computing Facilities
2001-2002 Head of UNESCO project "Alleviating the Problems of Braindrain in Bosnia, Croatia and Yugoslavia"
2002-2003 Head of UNICEF project "Optimization of the Network of Schools"