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Assistant Research Professor
M.Sc. 2012, University of Amsterdam
PhD 2020, University of Belgrade

September 21, 1986

E-mail wgerven [at] ipb [dot] ac [dot] rs

My interests cover a broad range of subjects, pertaining in the field of theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics to: strongly-correlated electron systems, topological materials and phases of matter, effects of impurities. Exact methods and physics in 1+1 and 2+1 dimensions, statistical physics, thermodynamics and classical mechanics. I have also a personal interest and experience in electrical engineering (vacuum tube technology) and audio engineering. Alternatively I like to think about concepts of many-body physics in the context of social systems: Phase transitions, collective phenomena; how a macroscopic world unfolds from its microscopic constituents. What are its observables?


October 2013 –
Doctoral studies Theoretical Physics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade (srb),
January 2013 – October 2013
Research collaboration with Prof. Dr. D. Tanasković, Institute of Physics Belgrade, Belgrade (srb)
2009 – 2012
M.Sc. Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (nl)
2006 – 2009
B.Sc. Physics and Astronomy, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (nl)

Popularization & talks

February & August 2013
Lectures: ‘Theory of Statistical Mechanics, the Two-State Paramagnet and Negative Absolute Temperatures’ – Petnica Science Center, Valjevo (srb)
2013 ( to be published)
Essay: In support of the Serbian translation of ‘Cosmotheoros’ by C. Huygens (1698) – Terrestrial Science Fiction: A Brand-new Model of Global Society
February 2013
Lecture: Elements of a Quantum Computer – Petnica Science Center, Valjevo (srb)
September 2012
Talk: Results on Expectation Values of the Interacting Two-Component Gas in One Dimension – Institute of Physics Belgrade, Belgrade (srb)
March 2012
Talk: Form Factor Calculations for the Two-Component Bose Gas in One Dimension – Institute for Theoretical Physics, Amsterdam (nl)
February 2012
Popularization of science: Talk on the suspected discovery of the Higgs Boson – De Brandende Fakkel, Amsterdam (nl)
April 2010
Popularization of science: Talk on the effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences – Festival ‘Drift’, Amsterdam (nl)