SCL at 2nd Workshop on High Performance Computing in Iran

SCL's Antun Balaz visited Iran from 25 January to 4 February 2009, where he was invited as a lecturer at the 2nd Workshop on High Performance Computing, held at the Institute of Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) and Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. Together with Stefano Cozzini and Luca Heltai from International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), he helped in the planning and organization of the workshop to IPM's Shahin Rouhani and Reza Asgari, and gave the following lectures:

As a part of the workhop, a Grid day devoted to latest developments in distributed and Grid computing was organized. Stefano Cozzini gave an introductory lecture on Grids and presented EU-IndiaGrid project, while Antun Balaz introduced gLite Grid middleware developed by the EGEE project, and presented SEE-GRID-SCI project in talks entitled:

During the workshop in Tehran, A. Balaz was invited to visit Isfahan University of Technology and to give there a lecture on Path Integral Monte Carlo. This visit was organized by kind hosts from Isfahan from 2 to 4 February 2009.

The large number of participants interested in high performance and Grid computing, various discussions and collaboration initiated during the workshop in Tehran resulted in a proposal for "Advanced Regional Workshop on High Performance and Grid computing – Towards Enabling e-Science in the Region", which will be jointly organized by Stefano Cozzini, Antun Balaz, Shahin Rouhani and Reza Asgari in spring 2010 at IPM in Tehran. Financial support for the proposed workshop has been requested from International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste.

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